The Walter Scott Shooting

Walter Scott was shot in the back by police officer Michael Slager 33, in North Charleston, SC on April 4, 2015. Officer Slager was charged with murder April 7th, 2015 and was later indicted by a grand jury. Scott was 50 years old. This happened during a traffic stop for a broken brake light.

Officer Slager lied saying that he shot Scott in defense because he struggled with him for his stun. Scott was actually sprinting away from Slager when he opened fire. A bystander, Feidin Santana stood behind a nearby fence filming the action with a cellphone. Slager fired 5 times striking Scott 3 times in the back. A patrol car dash cam captured Slager laughing when talking to his senior officer after shooting Scott. He said his adrenaline was pumping. Slager was fined only after the witness cell phone video surfaced.

Slager was incarcerated in April 2015 and was bonded from jail at $500,000 while waiting for trial. At the first trial in December 2016 Slager argued self-defense, telling jurors he shot Scott as he ran away because he posed a threat and could have turned around and charged him. However, video showed that Slager chased Scott then shot him in the back. Eleven jurors wanted to convict him but it was declare a mistrial. The lone holdout said he would not vote for a conviction and would not change his mind.

A grand jury indicted Slager in May 2017 on the federal charges that he use excessive force in violation of Scotts civil rights when he shot him, and that he falsely told state investigators under oath that he fired as Scott moved toward him with a taser. Slager was also charged with use of a weapon during a civil rights offense. Indictment said the shooting was without legal justification. A US district judge will decide Slager’s sentence. He faces 30 years to life without parole if convicted. He pled guilty to the federal charge including the civil rights offenses related to the shooting. Also, state murder charges & two other federal charges were dropped as part of a plea.

The city of North Charleston approved a $6.5M out of court civil settlement with Scott’s family.

Minister Gill’s questioning comment:
Why do the cops get away with their lies?

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