A View Into Heaven

I looked and there was an open door to Heaven.  I heard a voice like the blast of a trumpet saying, “come up here, and I’ll show you what must happen.”  Instantly, I was in the spirit!  A throne was placed in heaven and someone was sitting on the throne.  He who was sitting on the throne had the appearance of jasper and of sardius.  The bow-cloud around the throne looked like emeralds.  There were twenty-four thrones around the throne—with twenty-four elders sitting on them.  The twenty-four elders were dressed in white garments with golden crowns on their heads.
Thunder, lightning, and noises came out from the throne.  There were seven burning lights before the throne—these are the seven Spirits of our Mighty One.  I saw a sea of ‘crystal-like’ glass before the throne.  In the center of the throne—and around the throne—I saw four beasts covered with eyes in front and in back.  The first beast had the appearance of a lion, the second had that of a calf; the third had a human face, and the fourth was like a flying eagle.  Each beast was standing and from its claws upward had six wings—each of their wings was covered all over with eyes—inside and out.  These beast have no rest day or night saying, “Ka.dosh!   Ka.dosh!   Ka.dosh!   Yahwuah   Elohey   Tz`va.ot!   asher   hoo   ha.ya   ha.wa   wa.a.tid   la.bo.” “SET-APART! SET-APART! SET-APART! YAHWUAH OUR MIGHTY ONE ALMIGHTY! WHICH WAS, AND IS, AND IS TO COME.”
And when the four beasts give glory honor and thanksgiving to him who sits on the throne and to him who lives forever and ever Amen, the twenty-four elders fall before him who sits on the throne, and worship him who lives forever and ever Amen.  They throw there crowns before the throne saying, “Le.cha   Yahwuah   Elohey.noo   Ya.a.ta   la.ka.chat   hod   wa.ha.dar   wa.oz   ki   ata   ba.ra.ta   kol.ele   wa.bir.tzon.cha   ni.hi.yoo   wa.nib.ra.oo”.   “THOU ARE WORTHY YAHWUAH OUR MIGHTY ONE TO RECEIVE GLORY AND HONOR AND POWER.  FOR THOU HAS CREATED ALL THINGS, AND FOR THY PLEASURE THEY ARE AND WERE CREATED.”


Intro to audios
The Four Beast worship
The 24 Elders worship
A scriptural lesson by Sandra Gill based on Chazon chapter 4 (Rev.)
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