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About Us

We are children of Yah ( יה ) – The Most High Heavenly Father (Psalm 64:8). We follow His ways instead of the ways of man. We are following Yah our Father because this is what scripture says to do. His way is to honor his name, and show Him loyalty above all.
When we read the ancient scriptures one will see that he has made quite a fuss about honoring and preserving his name. No man has the authority to change what Yah has established in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Therefore, being obedient to Him is what we strive to do.
Acts 5:29 And Kĕpha (Peter) and the other emissaries answering, said, “We have to obey Elohim rather than men.
We believe the Father sent His Son as a means for our salvation. We believe that His Son literally came bearing the name of his Father.

Things addressed on our website:

Within our site we will be sharing information about the ancient scriptures so that one can see what was actually written as opposed to what was translated. Then one will better understand why we emphasize the names as we do. People may say that the name Yahshawa ( יהשוע commonly spelled Yahshua—
Yod-Hey-Shin-Waw-Ayin) does not exist in any Hebrew literature. This is not true and we will bring to light the fact that the name does exist.
We will be addressing racial issues especially from a spiritual or religious standpoint; the effects it has had on our people, as well as what we need to do to overcome it.
Worldwide and in America in particular, the history of so called racism has not been properly addressed. It is never address from a spiritual aspect because people have been too afraid to do so. These are a few of the many life issues that we deal with.

Contact: Minister Gill – Ishi Ha Elohim,  Website:30millionblacksprayinhebrewname.com
Phone: (303) 450.1245; Email: Blackprayermovement@gmail.com

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